Monday, December 26, 2005

Season's Greetings

I wish all visitors the warmest of season's greetings. I hope that you had a wonderful and joyous Christmas with family and loved ones.

My Christmas was very special. I spent it with my sons and their spouses. We joked and laughed a lot, reminisced about past Christmases, and shared events and personal experiences of 2005. We exercised and worshipped together. We dined out and probably ate more than we should have. And, we exchanged Christmas gifts. My only regret was that I wished my beautiful wife, Rita, could have been with us. She passed away four years ago. We all imagined her looking down from heaven, smiling, and taking delight in our festivities. She loved family gatherings and so looked forward to those times when our children would return home and we would be a complete family once again.

In just a few days, the e-book Joel Christopher and I have been writing will be completed and ready for its release. I plan to review it over the next couple of days to ensure all edits have been made.

Plan to participate in our free teleseminar on Thursday, Dec. 29, on how to make 2006 the best year ever for your Internet business. Or, if you are planning to start up an Internet business, we'll have specific info on how to get off to a quick and successful start. Teleseminar details will be released soon.

Best wishes this holiday season and the coming New Year!

Joe Lilli

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Complete Beginner's Guide nearing completion

As Christmas nears, so nears the completion of the book I am co-authoring with internationally-acclaimed Internet marketer Joel Christopher. It's exciting. After all, I've been writing most of my life, yet this will be the first book I've written.

Joel and I are hosting a teleseminar on Thursday, Dec. 29, at which time we will officially launch the book's release. It will initially be available as an e-book, but a print version is planned for late March/early April. I'll have more details in my next post.

This book won't be my last, however. Joel and I have others planned. Each successive book, presented as a continuing series, will take the "complete beginner" to a higher level of knowledge and expertise, and to even greater online success. We hope all persons aspiring to tap into the Internet's wealth and start their own business will be on the lookout in the months ahead for other publications in the series.

Until next time...all the best.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Complete Beginner's Guide to Making Money On the Internet From Home

More and more people who dream of running their own business are looking to the Internet as the place to start. An online business offers one of the hottest, most profitable business opportunities available today.

Plus, an online business offers many advantages. Work from home. No commute. No boss. Flexible work hours. Greater freedom. More time spent with the family. Greater income potential. And many others.

I'm writing a book, to be released in January 2006, called the Complete Beginner's Guide to Making Money on the Internet From Home. It targets people who want a simple, easy-to-follow system for getting started from scratch, who haven't a clue of how or where to begin, and who don't have much money to get it up and running.

The system has been tried and proven successful by an Internet marketer making a 7-figure income. So it's no theory or double-speak. It just grabs you by the hand and leads you down a carefully marked path toward success. The journey is geared to get the beginner up and running in less than 90 days...and without spending an arm and a leg.

I'm not a technie, nor have I ever run an online business. I'm what you'd call a "complete beginner" or, more fondly, a "newbie."

Like most newbies, I've been overwhelmed with all the many programs out there that offer me the path to riches. Unfortunately, many of these programs are confusing, vague, or too advanced to help someone just starting out.

I need the basics. I need an easy, follow-the-numbers type of system for creating a successful business. Something foolproof!

That's why I'm writing this book -- to help myself and to help others start a profitable online business. I'm getting to pick the brains of a master Internet marketer. What I learn from him, I put down on paper so others can benefit from his knowledge and experience.

The journey promises to be fun and exciting. I hope you follow along.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to Lilli Creative Communications, a full-service firm in San Antonio offering public relations, marketing, writing, and advertising services.

Be watching for updates, tips, and suggestions.

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